‘Sahasam’ review : Thrilling Entertainer


‘Sahasam’ review 2: Thrilling Entertainer

Sahasam 2013 Telugu Movie Review-2
Cast & Crew :- Gopichand, Taapsee Pannu, Ali, Shakti Kapoor, Suman, R. Narayana Murthy
Music Director :- Sri
Director :- Chandra Sekhar Yeleti
Producer :- BVSN Prasad
Release date :- 12th July 2013
Reporter rating :- 3.25/5
Five songs, one item number, few fights and some comedy scenes; Telugu cinema’s fate has been reduced to this level in recent time and these factors play a huge role for the commercial success of a film. ‘Sahasam’ banks on none of these and yet the film is very thrilling and entertaining. Chandra Sekhar Yeleti who is known for films like ‘Ayithe’, ‘Anukokunda Oka roju’, ‘Nenokkadine’ and ‘Prayanam’ belongs to a different genre of film makers and has always received critical acclaim for his work. Now he has come up with an action and adventurous film ‘Saahasam’ with Gopichand. Has the film lived up to his standards? Can it turn the tables for Gopichand who’s otherwise having a lean patch? To find answers let’s get into the deeper details of the movie.
Gautham (Gopi Chand) is a security guard who wants to get rich in quick time. So he spends most of his earnings on buying lottery tickets but never gets lucky. Even though he loves to get wealthy he has good moral values and he doesn’t want to achieve it through wrong-doings. He believes in the philosophy ‘Naadi kaanidedi nakoddu, naadi annadi meeru adagoddu’ (I don’t want which isn’t mine, and don’t ask for which is mine).
He learns, through a dairy he finds in his house, that his grandfather Venkateswara Varma (Suman) was a diamond-merchant and has written all his property on his successors (his son and grandsons only) names. Gautham doesn’t know where his grandfather used to do sell diamonds but he finds that it was in a historical Hingalaj temple near Peshawar area in Pakisthan. So he decides to venture out to Pakisthan even his parents were against it. In the process, he comes across a girl Sreenidhi (Tapsee) who is an ardent devotee of Hindu gods/goddesses and likes to visit all ancient Hindu temples. She has plans to visit Hinglaj temple in Pakisthan, so Gautham joins her by luring her that he wants to visit that holy temple as well. He meets another girl in Pakisthan who happens to be the daughter of an archeologist who dreams to save the treasure from the clutches of Sultan (shakthi) who also eyes at the precious property and wealth in the treasure.
What are the obstacles in that treasure hunt?, what difficulties he had to face from Sultan?, and how he lays the roadmap to final destination is all forms the rest of the story.
Gopi Chand is ultimate in the sequences of treasure hunt. His body language in chasing and action sequences is very good. He completely steals the show with his immaculate energy levels throughout the movie. He effortlessly shows all emotions like fear, adventure, and courage. Tapsee has a decent screen presence and she does well with her acting. Ali has a linking role to the story but his comedy is not up to the mark. Shakthi Kapoor has done an excellent job in doing villainies and proves how good an actor he is.
Technical department:
Technically the movie is of high standards with some fantastic visuals. Most of the movie was shot in dry landscapes of Ladakh, Hyderabad old city and in some specially erected sets. Director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti must be appreciated for such a praiseworthy work has done for this movie. Screenplay is very gripping, fast, and hardly has any boring moments. Especially second half of the movie has some edge of the seat stuff. Cinematography by Shyam Dutt is brilliant. For an adventurous action story like this cinematography plays a key role and he succeeds in every frame of the movie. Music and Background score by Sri is very good and elevates crucial scenes.
What works in favor of the movie?
Gopi chand’s screen presence and energy levels.
Gripping screenplay and engaging story line
Tapsee’s decent action and Shakthi Kapoor’s role
High standard technical/production values
Direction by Chandra Sekhar Yeleti
ATM robbery chases in first half and horse fight in second half
Thrilling treasure hunt scenes and Bridge fight towards climax
What might not work?
No commercial elements to woo B/C center audience
Ali’s comedy could have been handled better
Few cinematic liberties
‘Sahasam’ is not a regular masala movie yet with top quality action sequences and gripping screenplay it can hope for a successful run. Multiplex audience will embrace this movie for its suspense filled entertainment. Bit more concentration on commercial elements could have helped for its business in B/C centers. However for an adventurous story like this the director has done an honest and fabulous job. The movie will not disappoint and will surely thrill those who like the adventurous films like ‘Tomb Rider’, ‘Indiana Jones’.

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