JR.NTR discovered his Success formula


JR.NTR is blessed with Multi talents. He is highly talented in Acting , Dance , Action scenes and mostly Dialogue delivery. A hero with such a strongqualities will have a high success rate, but it’s turning wrong in case of NTR. Yes NTR films are not running to flop side, but bad thing is that they are not running on hit track too. NTR movies are gaining hits which are standing as Avg hits and his recent flick Ramayya Vasthavayya almost disappointing many. NTR who is highly depressed by this failure wanted to dig the reason for his failures. NTR finally finds that the main reason for it is surrounded around him. His personal staff who involves in every aspect is main reason for this says NTR’s close members. NTR started cleaning up his staff. Recently he removed his personal assistant and now he is making a strong ground work on people who are having a bad impression from fans in his staff. Cleaning up his staff may not bring him complete success but this can be his first step of success says his fans and they also feel happy to say that this isthe best decision byJR. NTR. 

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