Miss America Nina Davuluri says I’m a Big Fan of Darling Prabhas!!

Miss NEW YORK 24-year-old Nina Davuluri, became the First Miss America of Indian descentas the famous beauty pageant returned to Atlantic City, New Jersey, after a six-year stint in Las  Vegas.She performed a Bollywood dance for the talent part, answered a question about plastic surgery and hopes to become a doctor, like her father.  Her parents Koteshwar Rao Choudary and Sheela Ranjani hail from Vijayawada.Her dad is a Gynecologist settled in USA long ago and Nina was a topper in both in studies and beauty competitions.‘I wanted to become a Cardiologist and I also have good touch with Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi classical dance forms. I even love Telugu movies a lot. Watching ‘Varsham’ in 2007, I became a big Fan of"Prabhas" and I just love his performance,’ Nina informed to media. Anyways, we can be hopeful of seeing both of them together on-screen if any of our directors try so.

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