SS.Rajamouli Counter Attack To Tv Channels !!

SS.Rajamouli Counter Attack To Tv Channels
Bahubali Promotion video is creating sensations at the same time creating many controversy. Baahubali promotion video has alreadycross the 1.6 million views in just span of 48 hours.Recently aPopular Tv channel revels the original footage of promotional video.All TV channels has telecast the programs about rajamouli and his copy movies list. Yesterday Baahubali movie one of the producer Shobhu Yarlagadda reacts on this video matter and now rajamouli also reacted on tv channels program and he given a answer to all tv channels in a cool manner with out loosing his temper. Rajamouli wrote on his twitter page, “As Shobu already clarified, we purchased the rights to video template which was used in the teaser. Anyone can buy it and use it.” Reacting on TV channel’s report, cool and composed director replied, “I saw a TV program which said we copied showing our teaser and template side by side. They used our music for the combined visual. Many are thinking the music is copied from the template. Wish they had been responsible.” Anyway Rajamouli direction skills is very good and his movies screenplay is very strong. Now Rajamouli doesn’t ready to concentrate on this controversy,he only put his concentration on his movie 

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