Bad Propaganda on 'Zanjeer/Thoofan' Starts

Bad Propaganda on 'Zanjeer/Thoofan' Starts

It has been a regular practice to some of the anti fans of mega compound to indulge in bad propaganda of mega movies before their releases. And now they appear to be busy targeting Mega Power Star ram charan's bollywood debut movie 'Zanjeer'. As per their reports, 'Zanjeer' was screened specially in Mumbai for some buyers. And the buyers commented negatively about the film and the makers were disappointed with their comments.Those who heard the above bad propaganda from Cherry's anti fans, have reportedly asked the following questions to the anti fans. Strangely, they failed to give the answers. 
* How many buyers watched the show and how many commented bad about the movie?
* Have they bought the movie or not? 
* Some people who fail to get the movie's rights, develop instant rivalry on the makers and start bad propaganda. Do you know that fact or not?
* The source, to whom you got the above news, reliable or not?

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