Has Chiranjeevi Watched the Final Cut?

Has Chiranjeevi Watched the Final Cut?

Ever since, the audio release of ‘toofan’ is completed successfully with Venkatesh, Sreehari, VV Vinayak and director Apoorva Lakhia speaking so much positive about the energy in Charan and power packed action in ‘toofan,’ obviously expectations are scaling high. While the releases of both ‘toofan’ and ‘Zanjeer’ are planned on a big scale all around the world, many people are discussing on what is the actual opinion of Chiranjeevi on this flick.
Every time before sending the copy of his movies to censor, Ramcharan has the habit of showing the final cut to his dad Meg Star for the best of opinions. Never to mention, Chiranjeevi can judge the film accurately and very few times, he could have missed the incisiveness. As no one on the stage of audio release spoke about the review of Mega Star on ‘toofan,’ more than audience even Fans are curious on Mega rating.

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