Tamil people are planning to attack this Tapsee movie ?

South Industries are the best industries in India after Bollywood. Especially,Kollywood is the best industry among these south industries when compared to the talented technicians and the market of Heroes. Kollywood people worship their actors and they show very much love on their heroes. Rajnikanth is best example to show how they will worship their heroes. They will treat them as Gods. This is how tamilians show their love on their favourite heroes.Tamilians love their culture and also they will always respect their language.

Recently Tamil people became angry on Tapsee. What happened was recently Tapsee commented bad on Chennai Airport. In other event, she said Tollywood is very much better than Kollywood and also said she is facing some difficulties with Kollywood industry. In contrast, she showed lot of differences between Tollywood and Kollywood. Tapsee is now doing Muni 3 in Tamil and it will release later. Tamil people are planning to attack this Tapsee movie. Lets see what Tapsee do now.

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