Mokshagnya 'Pithru Vaakhya Paripalana'

Mokshagnya 'Pithru Vaakhya Paripalana'

A section of tabloids in yesterday’s newspapers have published some sensational news about Nandamuri mokshagnya bunking the marriage of his sister Tejeswini happened few days ago. Balakrishna and his wife Vasundhara along with elder daughter Brahmini along with Nara Lokesh took the center stage managing all the ceremonies, sources say no where did they locate mokshagnya
As per the same reports, Moksha had a fight with one of the close family members just a day before the wedding. Exact reason behind this is unknown but Balakrishna does not want any nuisance to be created by media. So, he immediately ordered Moksha to live for USA and the young kid obeyed his dad’s words. This means a lot for Moksha but his missing at Tejeswini’s marriage was not given due preference by any media men till a newspaper has speculated something yesterday.

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