Mahesh '1' Makers Complaint at CCS

Mahesh '1' Makers Complaint at CCS

It is a known news that Prince mahesh babu's upcoming film '1-Nenokkadine's second teaser was deleted by you tube for violating the norms. Prior to that the teaser generated an all time record of 2 million hits in a short time. However, the removal of the teaser from the you tube created suspicions on the makers if they made any fake hits on the teaser to create a record. 
However, the makers of the movie logged a complaint at Cyber Crime Station( CCS) alleging that cyber criminals tampered their you tube channel. They also requested the police to trace the IP addresses of the people, who indulged in tampering their film's teaser. With this move of the makers, it is clearly evident that they have not gone to any fake methods to increase the hits of their film's teaser. But then, who would be the culprit? Some of the observers say, maybe some of the fans of mahesh babu did it to make their hero's movie stands top.  If it is really true, the makers may not go for charges against them. 

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