Pustakam Lo Konni Pagelu Missing' Movie Censor report

Pustakam Lo Konni Pagelu Missing' film has received U/A from the censor of the members and slated to release on Friday 9th. This film is one of the very few films gearing up for a release this Friday.  '1000 Abaddhalu' under the direction of Teja also supposed to hit the friday but because of some reasons it pushed to August 15th. P.L.K.P.M is directed by Sajid Khureshi and produced by Sohail Ansari. The film features Sri and Supraja in the front roles and Gunwanth scored the music for this film.The film is a remake of the Tamil hit Balaji Tharaneetharan's 'Nadavula Konjem Pakkath Kaanom'

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